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Mobilis in mobili system

production since 1991

It is a multipurpose machine for cleaning floors, offers unparalleled power use. Opposite-rotation of three discs provides efficient cleaning hard to reach cleaning surfaces. Three brush mechanisms are equipped with a belt divorce driving forces. This method can be achieved strong pressure, which can be cleaned strongly and great in all directions, making deep gaps, joints or unevenness volume pavement. The system is suitable for concrete slip tiles, so on a wide range of carpets.

ModelWorking widthPowerTankWeightPrice
TE 3637 cm1,1 kW18 l38 kg1.700,- € excl. VAT
TE 4646 cm1,1 kW18 l42 kg2.000,- € excl. VAT


Opposite-rotation three discs-head machine compensates for planetary rotation machine running.

Even under difficult conditions deviate machine and is easy to use. The possibility of using brushes and pads. Model was attested in the Czech Republic in 1992.

Opposite-rotation three discs balances torque, making the machine even under difficult conditions, deviate and is easy controlled. Operated the machine control does not have focus


Machine stability enables universal use for all kinds of technologies:

  • Polishing floors - soft brush - Pads
  • Scrubbing all types of floors - nylon brushes - pads hard
  • Shampooing heavily soiled carpets - silicone brush
  • The removal of high layers of greasy dirt crack - wire brushes
  • Crystallization of marble floors - Pads

Changing technology swapping discs.

High efficiency, the movement of each point on the brush can be recorded as a track cycloidal, so has the entire working with of the machine. There is a cleaning of all rough places (joints in the pavement, shotgun anti-slip tiles, etc.), with carpet leads to wash the hair simultaneously from all sides and straightening treadle fibers. When the floor polishing wheels leave traces of rotational movement. Sustained high efficiency also ensures a permanent squareness bristle brushes to the floor by changing the direction of rotation.

The device is equipped with a tank for clean water, but it must be equipped with brushes or washing pads (not included). They are available in each of 3 pieces. The price per brushes and pad on both hard and soft on the surface is CZK 1,500 without VAT. The skeleton of the machine is manufactured in stainless steel.


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Pekárenská 644
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